Lesson Structure

The levels your child will go through within our lesson plans. 

level 1

Become comfortable being in the water

Enter and exit water using steps/ladder
Blow bubbles for three seconds
Put chin, ears, and back of head in water
Back float for three seconds
Sitting kicks
Moving on side of pool

level 2

Building confidence in abilities

Put whole face in water
Blow bubbles while moving
Hold breath for five seconds
Fully submerge in water
Bobbing three times
Back float for five seconds
Front float for five seconds
Back glide motions
Front glide motions
Kicking on front
Kicking on back

level 3

Mobility in the water

Bobbing five times
Fully submerge and hold breath
Back float for ten seconds
Front float for ten seconds
Front gluide streamline arm position
Back guide streamline position
Tread water for ten seconds
Freestyle arm movement

level 4

Ironing out mobility skills independently

Bobbing ten times
Back float thrity+ seconds
Kicks on front with streamline arm position
Dolphin kicks
Treat water thrity+ seconds
Rotary breathing technique
Combined arm and leg action

level 5

Completing proper strokes

Headfirst entry from side of pool in seated and kneeling position
Bobbing while moving to safety
Tread water for three minutes
Proper freestyle technique
Proper backstroke technique
Proper breaststroke technique

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frequently asked questions

Venmo. @AbbysAquaticAcademy

A 24-hour notice must be provided. If the cancellation is day-of you are requested to still pay. This is done because the slot your are leaving open could have been filled. 

Lessons will be canceled due to weather conditions such as: 

heavy rain

heavy wind



We try to call off the lesson as close as possible to the lesson time–up to 30 minutes before due to Charleston’s unpredictable weather patterns. You will not be requested to pay for your lesson, for Mother Nature is out of our control. You will be texted/called directly about weather cancellation. In addition it will be posted on our social media account. 

We recommend you let the instructor do their thing in the water. Usually having a parent in the pool causes the child to latch-on and become inattentive to the lessons. Of-course there are always exceptions and as their parent, you have the final call. 

We have done this in the past and find it to be ineffective. The point of these lessons is to get individual training with the child to hone in on problem areas and direct encouragement. For the time being, we only do one child at a time.

still have questions? Please do not HESITATE to reach out.

Contact Abby directly with any questions and concerns you may have.